Savannah Dewberry (2013-2016)

Savannah is a student in the Science and Technology Honors program and has developed a zebrafish-based model of pain

Zackary Woodford (2013-2014)

​Zackary is a Psychology student volunteer and enjoys challenges like GISHWHES

Lindsey Yessick (2015 - 2016)

Lindsey is a student in the Psychology department, is completing her thesis (HIV and pain) with Dr. Burel Goodin and helping out in the IMPACT Lab on projects investigating diet and drug self-administration. Lindsey has accepted a position to do her graduate work with Dr. Caroline Pukall at Queen's University.

Ashleigh Tomkovich (2013-2015)

Ashleigh was a Science and Technology Honors and Neuroscience student and is now attending University of South Alabama Medical School.

Past Members

Alan Schumann (2012-2015)

​Alan was the first student in the lab and is now attending University of South Alabama Medical School.

James Sexton (2015 - 2016)

James is a student in the Psychology department and is investigating opioid interactions in mice.

Allise Fortinberry (Summer 2014)

Allise is a student of Auburn University working on a number of research projects.


Immune Modulation of Pain and Addiction for Comprehensive Therapeutics

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Catherine Jones (2013-2014, Honors in Psychology, Research Coordinator 2015-2016)

​Catherine was a  UAB Psychology Honors student and now works part time as a Research Coordinator for the IMPACT Lab. She is also an artist and is applying to graduate school.

Juhee Agrawal (Summer 2015)​

Juhee worked for a summer in the lab between her junior and senior year of high school. She has accepted admission to UAB and will be attending starting in fall of 2016. She plans to attend medical school at UAB.